Frail Silken Rose



Frail silken rose
Let me stroke you
My eyes silent
in vision

Frail silken rose
Let me protect you
My hands cradled
in defense

Frail silken rose
Let me reveal you
Each delicate petal
I tear from you

Frail silken rose
Let me free you
As ashen seasons
casually slip away

Frail silken rose
Let me ask nothing
And give everything
in return

For fierce in fragility
Your beauty is priceless
Let me rain on you
Frail silken rose

You’re worth

(c) 2015 s l jennings aka sandy somewhere “Frail Silken Rose” poem

image: google common license

About spiritedpoet

No online identity can truly define me. I have a navigation panel with controls, but I understand I cannot control external elements. I believe I am spirited with God (Love) to guide my life. I am human in my strength and my frailty. I somehow safely navigate my children through life's trial and errors. I proudly wear each stripe on my Mom's uniform; though, I still love the silky feel of soft négligée against my skin. I am human after all. Welcome to my Spirited Poet blog. Welcome to me.
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1 Response to Frail Silken Rose

  1. oh so beautiful…like a lullaby (sorry if my interpretation varies from what you intended to convey) love and hugs


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