Trump recently cited his own “great and unmatched wisdom” regarding Turkey and his decision to  pull back troops in Syria.  Yesterday, Turkey attacked Northern Syria.  Trump’s complacency allows Turkey, unchecked, to carry out acts of genocide primarily against Syria’s largest ethnic minority, the Kurds.

Trump believes his mandate is from God and prominent evangelists support Trump in this belief.  Inside Trump supporter, Pastor Paula White Cain, said in her Jim Bakker show video “The True Story of Donald Trump” that she believes that the first settlers landed in America and were “blessed” to put their “white crosses” down on a land that would become “a lighthouse” for the world.  She goes on to say that Trump will help take America back because the nation is tired of “the 5% dictating to the 95%.”

And just who are the 5%?

Trump exceptionalism infringes on democracy, marginalizes minorities and, in many instances, violates the spirit and letter of U.S. constitutional law.

His lack of action in Syria is an extension of his overall inhumane treatment of life, the earth and its inhabitants.

This satirical poem I wrote several years ago came to mind given the recent events.

One Nation Under God


Twisting propaganda, choking humanity’s aorta;
The leash of compassion’s constraint,

worships nationalism’s professed God,
My country’s will be done, here on earth –
You who are forsaken, you who are diseased;
You are not me; You are not the fortunate one.
Thou shalt not kill Uncle Sam,
Love one another, An eye for an eye –

One nation under an omnipotent God,

“The righteous will live by faith;”

Deceitfully waging contempt’s warfare;

Infinitely marching onward –

Holding faith in esteemed position,

Love within geographical boundaries;

Life on Earth as it is in Heaven –

My Heaven; not your’s.

(c) 2014 s l jennings

I don’t believe a benevolent God supports hatred.   My ultimate hope is that we can all work together to create a world that promotes caring for and support of all humanity.  Buying Jim Bakker freeze-dried pizzas will not cure this epidemic.  Trump’s impeachment will certainly be a beginning.


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Lean Hard

via Lean Hard

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Open Skies

Uncolored wind flies open skies

Indigo rivers flow primitive rain

Lush fresh air kisses our breath

Boundless seas greet our thirst

Sweet liberation fills our being

Precious equilibrium to exist

Evolving Here and Now Creation

(c) s l jennings 2017 poem and photo

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Dawn strikes purest light

Anticipation echoes

Trails of tomorrow

(c) s l jennings haiku and photo

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“Hope is a light, powered by faith; illuminating our darkest moments; bridging love’s spectrum.”

– s l jennings

(c) s l jennings words 2013 & image 2015 respectively

I see individually and collectively we can all be points of light- Sometimes hope seems a dream and yet a goal to work together toward particularly with moving Trump out from office.
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No alleyways of division between

Tightly knit buildings blend together

Their windows framed in many colors

Herald gracious panoramic visions

Passers-by bustle on city sidewalks

Raindrops touching concrete sea’s

Each falls in rhythm paving life’s path

Footsteps sounding crowds of invisibility

Look, Listen, Feel

Each ripple marks time immortal

Water on windows

Open for the breeze

(c) s l jennings “Windows”

Image: Andre Goncalves, photographer; google common license 

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Everything That Rises


Millions of years in formation

Mountains shatter earth to become

Time cannot measure their majesty

Nor can it measure our love’s capacity

We were made to love one another

Souls awake inform our alignment

Circumstances shatter to become

Mountainous in their foundation

Our bodies and minds climb

Love is everything that rises

Defying the gravity of existence


To become


c) s l jennings

words 2016 and photo 2017 respectively

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        What does it feel like

             to see a smile?

       You breathe in deep

             Eyes awaken

           Your lips tingle

          Turning upward


              You smile















             For me

              I love 





(c) 2016 s l jennings “Smile” poem

image: google common license 

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Wrathful religious stones afflict,

creating divisions in God’s name;

Endless music, true creation loves,

in colors blending without shame ~

Notes from within carry outward,

to crowded streets, oceans, lands; 

Awakening spirits floating peaceful,

in one Love, united, joining hands ~

Love is given freely in ever presence,

when one quiets to hear Love’s sound ~

Shedding precondition’s heavy burden,

all is lost in becoming spiritually found.

Poetry:  (c) 2015 s l jennings

Image: google common license

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Pardon Me Dust

Please pardon me dust. I am in the process of transferring poetry from Google+ to my word press site. As a result you will see a plethora of older poems posted here…

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