Winter Sun

DongYang Winter Sun

Bright winter sun shined

Warming thirsting child below

River ice melted

(c) s l jennings


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Open Window

prayer flags

“Let there be many windows to your soul, that all the glory of the world may beautify it.”

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Soul of my soul

My heart an open window

I am the fulfillment of freedom’s breeze

Fragrant in pure essence of life

Aware of impermanence

I wrap today in future presents

Gifted by my own hand to worthy recipients

without discrimination

or expectation of return

I return

To the soul of my soul

An open window

A breeze I share

with all beings

A prayer

For all elements

To blend in harmony

(c) s l jennings

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Creation Myth Wojtek Siudmak 1942

Wrinkles warp distance
Measurements of time and space
Face of the mountain


haiku (c) s l jennings

Artwork: Creation Myth

by Wojtek Siudmak

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My Dear Brother 

If I could give you one gift aside from my love, I would give you a sledgehammer to shatter the taunting voice of the Carnie in your head egging you on, calling you to “step right up,” “test your strength,” “show the world who’s the strongest man;”

Because maybe your strength is in a softer side of you releasing yourself to simply be you.  And realizing it’s ok to define yourself; to be whatever your truth is at any given moment.

You are not one of Pavlov’s dogs responding to a loud bell ringing pre-conditioned expectations.

I’ve seen you at the heights of success and the lows of exceptionally challenging times.

I’ve seen you cry in tender moments and show resilience in the face of adversity.

My Dear Brother

Never forget to be you.

You are a heart, mind, body and soul capable of realizing your greatest potential energy in the here and now.

You are human.  You are a real man.

This, without measure, is your greatest strength.

(c) Sandra Lee Jennings

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Raise your chin skyward

Open your dreams from within

Embrace who you are

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Tell me father of the myths of yesterday and beyond the realms of imagination I will realize my greatest potential
(c) s l jennings poem and photo
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butterfly with books
Airborn mid-sea, steady is she
Sixteen, easterly upbeat
Speedily she flees
Evading shoestring
bound stories

Northland bookends
Meredith reaches reality
a Cyprus butterfly inflight

(c) s l jennings

butterfly word prompt

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Measuring Rhapsodies

sun at night

Measuring Rhapsodies

Listen to Mendelssohn measuring rhapsodies
His is the liturgy blissfully shimmering
Lengthening spring in warm pines of our symphonies
We are the symmetries in each note differing

Murmuring prayers with intricate ebb and flow
Silence tends time within signatures of our heart
Overture’s promise kept in the depth of our soul
This to live life before death in each breath we start

Splashing our spirits in moments of tomorrow
Blessed will be reality art beyond melody
In this our liturgy blissfully shimmering
Breathing in we abstract pictures of unity

Together humanity broken parts with repair
Imperfect still we paint perfect hearts made of care
Brushes of madness mixed together we will blend
Hues of love comforting now our world to the end

Distance overcome

Mendelssohn will play on

Dreams cannot be stolen

Time is the only illusion

In the universe of our heart

© s l jennings

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Forever Elegant

Sweet-tempered summer winds
Graciously washed over him
His past forgotten in her 

She dressed the dead of winter in silk

She would love him in this moment

And he would love her 

Beyond feelings, explanations or complications 

They would love each other 

Forever elegant 

In the circus of life 

poem (c) s l jennings

photo: my grandparents 

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Graduation Day


Graduation Day

“To thy happy children / of the future / those of the past / send greetings”
reads an inscription carved in stone
And you fulfill the promise
as from child to woman you’ve grown

“A force to be reckoned with”
A teacher once said of you
And I couldn’t agree more
As you shine in orange and blue

Your talent and dedication
are part of your journey here
Your love and your heart
cause me to shed a tear

For the beauty I find in you
reaches beyond this special day
For you always will be as my daughter
And I love you in every single way ♥

Congratulations Fanwen 🙂

We love you with all our hearts and are blessed by your presence in our lives.

(c) s l jennings “Graduation Day”
“to thy happy children…” quoted from Alma Mater statue at University of Illinois

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