Better Than Yesterday

Better Than Yesterday

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View from North Avenue

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2014 © Christopher Martin

“Zay Zay Zoo Zay Zee”

♪♫ Jazzy ♪♫

Sings She

♪♫ Air ♪♫

The morning bird

Just before dawn

♪♫ Calls ♪♫



“Come On!”

Thus evergreen this island of you
Like lightning flies through kindred prairie fields
Electric quick light you ignite dark night
Intense energy ♪♫ Life ♪♫ No fence conceals
This existence more than subsistence speaks
In mass flash strikes, kiss’d against hands of time
Which split asunder in marches of thunder
Brisk distances you keep weep not for its peaks
Each footstep’s depth sinks not in the climb
Its effort instead primes time as pure wonder

Though cloudy eyes oft try to interfere

And consequently, blur a second absurd

Your steps shant stumble nor falter in fear

For breath ascends not to descend deferred

A lightning strike charge to atmosphere

Rising above all things

“Zay Zay Zoo Zay Zee”

Your spirit sings

♪♫ Rave ♪♫

♪♫ Rave ♪♫

♪♫ Life ♪♫

is the Journey

Before the grave

(c) s l jennings

written in memory of my late aunt’s zest for life


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Open Window

 “Let there be many windows to your soul, that all the glory of the world may beautify it.”

~Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Soul of my soul
My heart an open window
I am the fulfillment of freedom’s breeze
Fragrant in pure essence of life
Aware of impermanence
I wrap today in future presents
Gifted by my own hand to worthy recipients
without discrimination
or expectation of return
I return
To the soul of my soul
An open window
A breeze I share
with all beings
A prayer
For all elements
To blend in harmony

(c) s l jennings

Re shared on #flashbackfriday in memory of my Aunt ~ her words “we must hold open our hearts ♥️ to the love of others” inspired this poem.

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I am deeply saddened my Aunt Norma passed away yesterday. I love her more than words can say.

She was a teacher, writer, rancher and lifelong adventurer. Above all else, she was a loving, kind, generous and caring human being. She is my inspiration as a person and the reason I started writing stories as a child.  Her presence was a blessing in the lives of her family and many others.

She lived to be in her mid-80s; though her dementia worsened in recent years causing her to move from her ranch home to an assisted living facility. I spent time visiting with her this past summer and I could still feel her warmth and love despite her condition.  She still kept journals and tried to write in moments she was with it.

While visiting her, I was blessed to see the above poem she wrote in February 2000 posted outside of her room. Her spirit and her writing still live on & today, I share Aunt Norma’s poem in honor of her memory and meaning 💜

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A Candle Lit in Prayer


Like wind, colors fill our breath with gratitude.
Infinite in grace and beauty, a candle lit in prayer
answers each moment we live. A light majestic
in power, each breath gives thanks for all. None
are forgotten, if only we remember.

(c) s l jennings

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T friends

Textured surfaces, you and I touched each other

Beneath what is understood and not understood

We felt laughter and tears mark time innumerable

Our stubborn hearts refusing measurement

We charted life’s long road; two paths united

Our destiny to know truth in each other

Secrets of lasting friendship our reward

(c) s l jennings

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Wheels spin round and round

In man alone the answer never found

Only with God’s love in each heart

Here on earth will peace start

To show woman and man

Peace on earth is our role

To one day travel to heaven

In action, let this be our daily goal

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Winter Sun

DongYang Winter Sun

Bright winter sun shined

Warming thirsting child below

River ice melted

(c) s l jennings


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