Song of Myself serenaded

Within and beyond

Creation before me

I evolved

More than myself

words: (c) 2016 s l jennings

image: google common license

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Naked Unimpaired

We were far from slaving city shops

 where madding crowds dared not go

  Silken trees ushered untread paths

    beneath our feet glistened snow

Crystallized flakes graced tongues

 fondly touching time we shared 

  Only hours before this moment

   We bathed naked unimpaired

Nestled in heavenly warmth

 where misty raindrops spray

  We dissolved into each other

   A tub adrift in winter’s day

Years fled like illiterate dreams

 forged in youth’s myopic vision

  We laughed over distances 

   Poseidon’s realm forgiven

Vulnerability disappeared

 bridged in one embrace

  Craving everything new

   beyond leather and lace

Perfectly flawed mortals

 spirited on winter’s day

  We felt each other deeply

   in the tub where once we played

Our eyes met present moment

 woods enlivened in sound

  Impeding steps before us

   Trees thundered branches down

Startled birds sped ascending

  climbing higher ground

   We looked on astonished

    In witness of beauty found

Embittered little moments

 flew about in broken time

  Imperfect perfections

   shivered winter’s rhyme

Brisk winds electrified 

 reminding strides ahead

   Iced wood did now litter

    paths we feared to tread

Tea cups cracked underfoot

 imprinting life’s crooked mile

  Visions homeward tantalized

   Delirious in warmth’s sun-kissed smile

Frost-bitten moments melted

 in flurries of you and me

  All that was yesterday

   reassured our possibility

Belief’s water a desert stone

 inner avalanches unraveled

  Perdition or forgiveness

   Our faith is the road less traveled

  A tub adrift in winter’s day


          We are naked


Cleansing soil turned in Spring


     We are paths in bloom

        Resilient in prayer

   Summer will come again

(c) 2015 S L Jennings aka Sandy Somewhere “Naked Unimpaired” poem


Image: google common license

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I wrote this poem inspired while listening to Adagio – Please enjoy

Yesterday’s child balances on breezes

I hold the sky within

My beauty a delicate petal

I am ever-changing presence

Sweet in my fragile fragrance

I powerfully fill others

I am one with the wind

Blindly felt in each passing night

In open windows freely forming frames of existence

My ozone scents please predictions of rain

I am the warmth of a western breeze burning in an eastern candle

You breath me in what dreams may come

Slumbers on peaceful mountains

Galaxies of stars in clear view

We are one in night’s breath

Centered on rising suns

Winds blow at will

Awakened in orbit

Oxygen optional

Reality won

We float on

Words: (c) 2015 S L Jennings

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Rhapsody cut each word as our souls danced transcendent; tarnished pages torn in reality”s liberation.

(c) 2015 S L Jennings aka Sandy Somewhere

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Quiet Meditation

Lying down, awakening my Senses,

          To the distant Heavens above,

   I watch the Clouds gently roll across the Sky;

       As the Sun stealthily lurks within the Clouds –

                    Concealing its Face from


                                    Me –

        A Breeze touches,

              releasing my Disappointment;

                     Arriving in a Moment,

          The Sun blinds my Vision;



      I close my Eyes shielding the Light –

              Breathing in the Sun’s Presence,

                    Now warming my Skin, restoring my Faith –

                                Exhaling All that I am –




(c) 2014 S L Jennings aka Sandy Somewhere “Quiet Meditation” Poem & Photo

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The candor of a kind heart is known without filters

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Vision for All

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The Case of the Missing Hashtag

As a quill to a wing ~ a good book organically blends into life’s rich tapestry

(c) s l jennings words and image
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Spirit of Monet

Winds rumble high amongst trees

Sounds pulse rhythm’s perpetual motion

Waters warm awakening ice in flow

Stretching to fill puddles reflecting Sun

Rains splash proclaiming creation’s ripples

An artist’s pallete flowers over Winter

Life colors Spring; A masterwork of Art

(c) s l Jennings words and image

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Jack Kerouac’s Coffee


“Tubers thick tumeric in subterranean territory anticipatory brews through massed dirt black as Jack Kerouac’s coffee – poetry flowering on the surface”

(c) s l jennings

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