Raise your chin skyward

Open your dreams from within

Embrace who you are

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Tell me father of the myths of yesterday and beyond the realms of imagination I will realize my greatest potential
(c) s l jennings poem and photo
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butterfly with books
Airborn mid-sea, steady is she
Sixteen, easterly upbeat
Speedily she flees
Evading shoestring
bound stories

Northland bookends
Meredith reaches reality
a Cyprus butterfly inflight

(c) s l jennings

butterfly word prompt

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Measuring Rhapsodies

sun at night

Measuring Rhapsodies

Listen to Mendelssohn measuring rhapsodies
His is the liturgy blissfully shimmering
Lengthening spring in warm pines of our symphonies
We are the symmetries in each note differing

Murmuring prayers with intricate ebb and flow
Silence tends time within signatures of our heart
Overture’s promise kept in the depth of our soul
This to live life before death in each breath we start

Splashing our spirits in moments of tomorrow
Blessed will be reality art beyond melody
In this our liturgy blissfully shimmering
Breathing in we abstract pictures of unity

Together humanity broken parts with repair
Imperfect still we paint perfect hearts made of care
Brushes of madness mixed together we will blend
Hues of love comforting now our world to the end

Distance overcome

Mendelssohn will play on

Dreams cannot be stolen

Time is the only illusion

In the universe of our heart

© s l jennings

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Forever Elegant

Sweet-tempered summer winds
Graciously washed over him
His past forgotten in her 

She dressed the dead of winter in silk

She would love him in this moment

And he would love her 

Beyond feelings, explanations or complications 

They would love each other 

Forever elegant 

In the circus of life 

poem (c) s l jennings

photo: my grandparents 

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Graduation Day


Graduation Day

“To thy happy children / of the future / those of the past / send greetings”
reads an inscription carved in stone
And you fulfill the promise
as from child to woman you’ve grown

“A force to be reckoned with”
A teacher once said of you
And I couldn’t agree more
As you shine in orange and blue

Your talent and dedication
are part of your journey here
Your love and your heart
cause me to shed a tear

For the beauty I find in you
reaches beyond this special day
For you always will be as my daughter
And I love you in every single way ♥

Congratulations Fanwen 🙂

We love you with all our hearts and are blessed by your presence in our lives.

(c) s l jennings “Graduation Day”
“to thy happy children…” quoted from Alma Mater statue at University of Illinois

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I Surrender


And so it was
My trust not easily won
I came to trust
A few online
Only to be betrayed
by cloaks in the dark
Stabbing me
Deceiving me
Mocking me
Bleeding me
For my life
For my ink
I laid down my pen
I turned the other cheek
Only to be painted
as something other than myself
Tried by false tongues

Telling me I was not Christian

Burning words
Within circles
My accusers put up an eminence front
To protect their throne
They gathered forces
Whispering in ears
Building a fortress
They won trust
Only to abuse it
To use it
Trapping soldiers
into dungeons of war
Each word I wrote twisted
They tatooed me scarlet
Blasting me in the furnace of social media
Shadowing most of my poems with their own
Posting veiled attacks
I learned to watch my back
And though I am human
I do not envy others
nor am I jealous
I believe in and admire reward
My only competition is Self
I feel compassion for walls
And all the subjects within
And the reasons the walls were built

I only wish I could break the walls
Because everyone should be given their space
To walk together in this human race

And if love and creative writing are my crime
I will do time

Today I surrender

So please crucify me for the walls I climb

Bring an end to this war

Two and one half years is far too long

I can no longer fight

We all are light
We are not broken angels
We are childen of God’s creation
We wrestle spirit and flesh
To resist temptation

My spirit forever
will rise above the din
Hell cannot be made herein
You can’t possibly cause anymore pain
Because my pain is not my own anymore
And I feel sad for whatever kingdom you serve
Because I cannot imagine anyone with knowledge and compassion could approve of your tactics

(c) s l jennings

 I write this poem as a one-time release knowing I am not perfect, but also knowing I never deserved to be treated so poorly.  I feel guilty writing this because there are real problems in the world; beyond social media behaviors.  I try to walk a spiritual path.   My father taught me to speak for what is just and that includes speaking for myself. I cannot be silent in the face of such treatment.  I no longer share many writings online because of this continual situation, but I still have a right to share poetry online.  Please end all the abuse now.  I will no longer be a victim.  No more spreading lies about me.  And for those who believe the lies ~ did you ever stop to ask me or even have a direct conversation with me?  No more mocking my poetry.  No more calling me “chubby” and sending morality meme’s to me each time you believe a poem crosses a line.  No more posting sickening videos because you all think it’s funny and all the other posts.  I am a rationale person, but I have had enough.  I have never experienced such insane cruelty in my life.  You all should be ashamed of yourselves.  After all this time, this needs to end.  There are no victors.  Only costs.   I need to be peaceful for myself, my children and those whom I serve in the world & above.  You need peace for yourselves.  Forgive me.  Ignore me.  Block my writings.  I forgive you all and go forward now with a free life and pen.

This is the first time in my life I have been ruffled in this way.  I do not care what 7.4 other billion people think because I am confident & I know who I am deep inside.

Peace starts with each individual.  I still believe in joy.  I still believe in Love.  I refuse to believe in man-made divisions. Our time and energy is better spent in service to a world in dire need of acts rooted in Love & compassion.

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ColorsOf convention’s succulant roots, our mouths will not thirst nor envy

Trusting sultry skies for shelter, we will hold up stars set against total darkness
And measure each one as a blessing not distant to our earthly dwelling

Footsteps will soften delighting in the science of creation
Wandering in open fields to never fear far-off sounds of thunder

We will forecast each raindrop as manna fulfilling our hearts’ desires
Our eyes ignited as lightning will break all stones before the tomb

Hearts visible turning in revolutions of colors brushing land, sea and sky

We will see the glory beyond glory that always has been and always will be

To shine here on earth in recognition of our shared inheritance

Our long journey will reap its harvest

Independent of the opium of cynicism

Could the sky touch the ground?

To walk together names forgotten

To anoint each new dawn our own

(c) s l jennings

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Balanced Equation


*Balanced Equation*

Of yesterdays
Thousands of years
I forgive history
In fallen tears

Of today
I will assign
Without fear
This moment mine

To share
My heart transparent
With actions
Love apparent

I will not discriminate

When stones are thrown
I will not hate

In math, a negative times a negative yields a positive.
And a positive times a negative yields only a negative.

But, in Love, there are no such rules of segregation.
We cannot say I practice Love; therefore, I will
surround myself with only like-hearted.

We must reach out to all of humanity so Love yields Love.
Only then will we begin to balance this earth’s equation.

(c) s l jennings

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Diamonds in Sky blog

It’s alright to Dream my child
You will mine Diamonds in the Sky
Where others see merely stars

(c) s l jennings

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