A Mother’s Moment


A mother will descend hell
Each step warming heaven
Beneath her children’s feet

A mother soothes weary journeys
Understanding each stone laid
along life’s oft’ jagged path to foot

A Beatrice of spirit
Her lantern lights each child’s ascent
Herself without self

Awaiting one precious moment
within her children’s moments
when her own steps will ascend

Her will novaturient

Her own steps set free

A woman seizes happiness for all when she loves herself without guilt


(c) s l jennings

thank you +Laughing waters for the writer’s prompt inspiring these words

Novaturient meaning “desiring or seeking powerful change in one’s life, behavior, or situation”

About spiritedpoet

No online identity can truly define me. I have a navigation panel with controls, but I understand I cannot control external elements. I believe I am spirited with God (Love) to guide my life. I am human in my strength and my frailty. I somehow safely navigate my children through life's trial and errors. I proudly wear each stripe on my Mom's uniform; though, I still love the silky feel of soft négligée against my skin. I am human after all. Welcome to my Spirited Poet blog. Welcome to me.
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3 Responses to A Mother’s Moment

  1. so beautiful and so true Sandy,I love your choice of words,amazing 🙂 love and hugs


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