Watch Over Me


Watch over me as glitter speaks of night
Your silent presence voiced in each bright star
I feel your every breath waking within me
And I long to be where you are

I listen blind to find you in twilight’s vision
I know you are out there somewhere
We feel each other as light winds whisper
Under each starlit sky we share

Watch over me as moon falls through dawn
Each sunrise our own
Heavenward to see; you within me
We are not alone

Watch over me as I watch over you
Seconds cannot keep us apart
Our spirits move as one
Our universe is our heart

(c) s l jennings “Watch Over Me”

About spiritedpoet

No online identity can truly define me. I am a kamakaze pilot of life. I have a navigation panel with controls, but I understand I cannot control external elements. I believe I am spirited with God (Love) to guide my life. I am human in my strength and my frailty. I somehow safely navigate my children through life's trial and errors. I proudly wear each stripe on my Mom's uniform; though, I still love the silky feel of soft négligée against my skin. I am human after all. Welcome to my Spirited Poet blog. Welcome to me.
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8 Responses to Watch Over Me

  1. Izzy James says:

    Glorious scene dear girl. You wrote everywoman unafraid to speak her needs but not needy… dreamy romance in an old fashioned way.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sumyanna says:

    Really beautiful. I think I held my breath on reading this one ☺


  3. Neil Smith says:

    “Our spirits move as one
    Our universe is our heart”

    What a beautiful ending to a brilliant poem! I love it. So descriptive and the words all flow so smoothly it Seems as though everyone at one point knew this poem in our hearts and you’ve reminded us all of it.
    A great work.n

    Liked by 1 person

    • spiritedpoet says:

      Thank you kindly, Neil ~ I am so glad you enjoyed this poem. I developed this blog last year & I have only recently started to delve more into the wordpress world. I will definitely check your blog out. Thanks again!


  4. gorgeous,beautiful and marvellous…great write Sandy,loved it…love and hugs


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